Saturday, April 04, 2009


I was going to write a post yesterday, but we were roughing it - camping out in the wildernessnot.


I mean really.  How tough can life be?  I'm at least 8 feet away from my heated camper.  And it was COLD.  The fire was not even close to warming my typing fingers.  How do you expect someone to function in such deplorable circumstances?

Okay - it's the most ridiculous way to camp in the world, I know.  We don't always go the fancy route, but given that we were making a quick trip in between cities, it worked.  We were next to the river, which provided some much needed white noise, Dr. SmartyPants left his Blackberry at home, and we giggled and cut up and acted completely ridiculously and let the boys run wild all over the campground.

We took a trip over the hill to Gatlinburg and got our quarterly experience of hillbilly tourism.  No trip to the 'burg is complete without a visit to Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen to watch them making the taffy, and to window shop all the yummy treats...

066 047

And, of course, to sample a few...

053 054

I'll be back on Monday with some more Smoky Mountain fun...