Monday, April 06, 2009

Tripping Lightly Through the Trillium


Before our legendary trek through DC at Cherry Blossom time, we took a nice, leisurely drive along one of those treasures in our backyard.  The Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail, while perhaps oxymoronic in name, is  a lovely little one way, narrow, winding road through primitive forest dotted with a few old log cabins.  We were on the hunt for the trillium, the wonderful triplet leafed and petaled wildflower that blooms this time of year.

The hills were full of them, patches scattered on the damp forest floor.  This was a new variety for me - I'd never seen one with such pointed petals and deep, deep purple center.  Dr. SmartyPants was kind enough to drive and stop at a moment's notice whenever I yelled that I just HAD to get a photo of THAT one.

Yes, my friends, I am seriously indulged.