Saturday, April 25, 2009

More Georgetown and Other Things

Georgetown Rowhouse

As we walked through Georgetown Thursday, I couldn't help but admire the rows of lovely old houses.  These are my favorites - with their cupola on the front - tiny castles in a sea of boxes. 


Yesterday, the weather was beautiful and sunny and warm.  The boys and I took a day to read and do some life schooling in the morning, and then headed into the district after lunch.  We wandered around the National Mall and into the Smithsonian gardens and waited for Dr. SmartyPants to meet up with us.  It was so nice to sit out on the grass and just soak it up - the sun and the warmth and the experience of being there.

There was a whole lot of this:


Some of this:

Smithsonian Castle

And of course...

Dove Bar IIDove Bar

Perfection on a stick.