Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Let the Sunshine In

Clean Windows

This morning, as I sat drinking my coffee in the dining room, I looked out the front windows and gasped.

At the dirt.

It was nothing unusual or more dirty than any other window on the block - just the dirt and grime that collects after a winter of snows and oil burning furnaces, but the sun hitting the dirt just hit me in particularly bad way today.

When I finished cleaning them, I just marveled at the sparkling light pouring through the windows. 


Isn't that what spring cleaning is all about?  Cleaning off the grime of winter and letting the sun stream in?  Oh yes - it is.

Here are a few things I noticed outside my sparkly clean windows...

Sparrow Blossoming  Promise Leaping Squirrel

I hope you all find something sparkling today. 

And capture just a little of it.