Thursday, April 23, 2009

Knock Knock Jokes at the Talky Beer Place

Field of Tulips

This drawing is on the facing page of the last tulip, but I didn't have a drawing for today, so I thought I'd share it.


We seem to be starting a Wednesday night tradition here in DC.  There's a restaurant within walking distance of us where kids 10 and under eat free between 4pm and 7pm every day but Monday.  I guess they don't want kids in there on Mondays?  Maybe that's when they sponsor wet t-shirt contests?  Perhaps it's free shooter night?  I don't know. 

Anyhow - we tried it out a while back and the food was really great, the atmosphere was neighborly - nice hosts, nice servers, nice big gigantic bouncer dude.  Seriously - he has to turn sideways to walk through the door.  In the event of an emergency, they could use him AS the door.

Last week, we went a little later than usual, and they were having a private party in the back.  People were talking and laughing and having fun.  Right before we got up to leave, Junebug says he thinks he knows the name of the restaurant.  I ask him what it is, and he replies, "The Talky Beer Place."

Yes.  Yes, indeed.

I LIKE it.  Yesterday afternoon, I sent Dr. SmartyPants a text.  "Hey!  $2.50 Blue Moons and kids eat free at The Talky Beer Place..."  He replied, "Sweeeeet..."

And so a tradition was born.  A cheap, cheap tradition. 


Junebug bought a book of Jokes, Riddles and Knock Knock Jokes.  Is there anything cuter and more annoying than a kid with a book full of really bad knock knock jokes?

No, my friends.  There is not.

Here's the only reason that he's allowed to keep it up: 

Knock knock

Who's there?


Comma who?

Comma little closer and give me a kiss!


That's hard to pass up...