Thursday, April 30, 2009

ASF* ver. 1.0 and 1.1

Sounds really technical, doesn't it? 


*Action Stuffy Figure

The bugs designed these guys, right down to their hairstyles and clothing, while I've been implementing the design and sewing process.  Version 1.0, on the left with the rainbow shirt, was made using raw canvas as the face, arm and leg material.  I originally thought I would paint the face on, so canvas might be a good choice, plus I have a stockpile of it in my closet in Knoxville.

However...not soft enough.  At all.  On the other hand, I love the hair design that Junebug came up with, and we'll be repeating that, for sure.   There were also some construction issues in the neck region that needed to be worked out.

Version 1.1 is a Doodlebug design (note the sedate and conservative Doodle-ish).  For the face, arms and legs on this doll, I used a t-shirt in a mocha color.  It is perfect.  Soft and cushy and stuffable.  It's kind of a pain to sew, but it is definitely worth it for the plush factor.

I based my design on a Black Apple doll, as shown on the Martha Stewart web page, with heavy modifications by the bugs, but I think Version 2.0 is going to branch out a little more.  I like that the doll can sit up, but I don't really like how the arms and legs are constructed, and neither do the boys.  So, today, we'll be going back to the design board.

The bodies of these guys HAVE to be finished before Saturday.  I'm NOT lugging the sewing machine to Arlington...