Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Cades Cove

The end of the year always gets me thinking about what I've done over the past year, and what I would like to do in the next one, and this year is no different. Only this time, I'm less sure of what I've accomplished and what I'd like to do. I know that I've checked almost everything off the list that the guys and I sat down and made last December 31...but I'm just not sure how important any of those things really were in the grand scheme of things.

Hey - learned to play some bar chords on my guitar...woo hoo! World changer...I am not.

Sometimes I look at the world and I feel pretty darn insignificant. I am not looking for anything here, people, even though I know you all - you're too dang nice. You'll say I'm raising children and that's world changing, etc. and I know all that and I appreciate your thinking it far more than you know, but some days I'd just like to know that I'm really making a teensy difference in the world at large, you know?

So, I draw a little, and I make a little music and I knit a little and I write a little. Little, little, little, little.

As we used to say in high school...BFHD. And if you know what that means, welcome to 1986. Please set the Aqua Net down and move over so the rest of us can squeeze our giant bangs in the room.

There's just this really restless part of me that needs to accomplish something big, just for me. There's this curled up giant sleeping in the core of my spirit that needs to stretch out and show the world that I CAN DO THIS.

Whatever this is.