Saturday, December 13, 2008


Lunar Perigee cropped

The clouds finally parted and allowed me to take a photo of the moon last night.  I really wanted to see the moon rise, but the clouds just didn't get out of the way quickly enough.  Still, with the clear night sky and the cold air, the moon was crisp and bright. 


I realized after I posted last night, that it was my 501st post.  I had all these plans to make a big deal about post #500, and I totally forgot.  So - I'll make a big deal today.

Woo Hoo - 502.

Look.  I even made a rhyme.

Five Hundred and Two posts ago, I really had no idea what this blogging business was all about.  I'd heard something about it on the Today show or something, and I had to go check it out.  Now?  I'm still not sure what it is all about, except that it has given me an outlet for a lot of pent up creative energy and a lot of wonderful people I've been privileged to know in some small way.

To all of you who stop by on a regular basis - it's been a pleasure to have you...I'm looking forward to seeing what the next year will bring - in your blogs and mine.  If you've just stopped by randomly - HI!  Good to have you.  Have a seat and hang out a minute - I'll grab you a drink and some popcorn.

And to all of those lovely 18 people who have clicked "Follow this blog" in the sidebar, or the untold millions 6 who have clicked on the subscribe button...

Thanks.  I feel pretty.

And I'm saving you the good tequila.