Thursday, December 11, 2008


I hope you all enjoyed yesterday's guest post from Snivel E. McWhinybritches.


Anyhow. Today has been rainy and rainier, with temperatures dropping and expected ice tonight. Dr. SmartyPants is on travel, and so the bugs and I slept in an extra hour or so. Junebug came and crawled into bed with me around 6:30 this morning, gave me a big hug and we cuddled, listening to the rain for a few minutes. He sighed, snuggled in a bit closer and said, "Do we have to go anywhere today?" I told him no, and he smiled. "I think today would be a good day to stay in our pajamas, don't you think so?"

I did.

It was also a good day for baking my favorite kind of cookies. I got this book, The Cookie Book, by Eva Moore, a hundred years ago when I was in elementary school - through the bookmobile or weekly reader or something. It has a copyright date of 1973, but I am sure I picked it up around '76 or so. The pages are browning - almost the same color as the cookies I baked. I can remember baking almost all of the different kinds of cookies in the book at one time or another, but Peanut Butter have always been my favorite. The book falls open to this page without effort.


My mixer is a lot fancier than the hand mixer my mom let me use, but the cookies still taste the same. Perfectly peanut-buttery goodness.