Sunday, December 28, 2008

Joy. Wrapped in Sorrow.

Santa's Goodies

Christmas was a success.  Much Star Wars was had by all.  We had a lovely restful day of Lego-building and Guitar-Hero-ing and Wii-ing.  I hope that yours was wonderful, as well.

Last year, on the day after Christmas, we brought home a wiggly, feisty little cat that Junebug named "Ben."  He quickly grew into to a wiggly, feisty ginormous cat that kept us on our toes. 

He's been my faithful lap-warmer and constant muse - always good for a pose or two.

This morning, Dr. SmartyPants woke me and asked me to come upstairs.  Ben was laying on the floor, as he often did, sprawled out on his side in complete relaxation.  Except he wasn't asleep.  There was no warning.   He was fat and healthy and feisty last night.  He came to cuddle up with me around 4:00 this morning, as insistent as ever that I move my arm so he could curl up under my chin.

The internet says cardiomyopathy or heartworms are the leading causes of sudden, unexplained death in cats.  We'll take him to the vet tomorrow to see what we can find out.


Goodbye, Sweet Ben.  I hope there are lots of Rokenbok balls to chase, wherever you are.