Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Customer Service.

So. Computer issues. They seem to be going around, and I hate to get left out of anything.

About 6 weeks ago, Dr. SmartyPants bought me a shiny new pink Dell laptop, because the last one we purchased was, uh..., let's just call it troubled, shall we? I put quite a lot of strain on my computers, with all the pictures and graphics and videos and STUFF, and it just couldn't handle it. It's working just fine, now that I've unloaded the high-intensity photo- and video- editing programs and the many (MANY) gigabytes of photos. The boys use it for school, and it is happily chugging along.

The Dell - what can I say - it has been pure bliss to use. Not only is it shiny and PINK, but it is fast...blazing fast. Or, rather, it was blazing fast.

Now? It's dead. Or it is really infatuated with the welcome screen on start up. It is a lovely shade of blue, after all.

The Smarty managed to run a self-diagnostic on it and found some serious hard-drive errors, so I called Dell just a few minutes ago to see what they would do about it.

Turns out they are going to send me a new hard drive, pre-loaded with all the software, new memory modules and a CERTIFIED! LICENSED! TRAINED! TECHNICIAN! to fix it all up.

Oh, I do so hope that he or she does. I'd love to add Dell to my list of companies that take care of their customers - companies like Crayola and UPS.