Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Cardinal skull

I started this drawing a month or more ago, set it aside half-done, and picked it up last night to play with. There is still much that could be done - shading subtleties that are missing, etc., but I've decided to call it finished.

It's a gloomy day today, and we've decided to have a pajama homeschooling kind of day. That's one of those things that make homeschooling completely worth it for me...I don't have to get the boys dressed and into a cold car for a drive in treacherous weather.

The downside is that I'll have a day stuck inside with two young, energetic boys and no gymnasium in which to burn off energy. They've already taken over my Christmas tree as a play structure for their clone troopers...


Thankfully, I put all cheap plastic ornaments on it, rather than hauling my pretty blown glass ones up from Knoxville. It's been a great tool for imaginative play.

So, I'm thinking today will also be a Christmas crafting kind of day, although I've not figured out what we can craft, given that we have no Christmas crafting supplies.

Like glitter.

I need glitter.

We'll just have to improvise, I suppose. We have scissors and paper and tape and markers and watercolors and sticks and rocks and leftover Halloween Candy. Surely we can make something Christmas-y out of that, right?