Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fairy Texts, Ya'll (Part IV) the Conclusion


continued from here... italics are mine, bold are Melinda's.

As her last breath was leaving her body, a single, crystalline tear fell from Fennel's eye. It dropped onto the corner of the woodland fairy's mouth and...

her eyes fluttered open.  "Oh, Fennel," she sighed. "Oh, Midolina," he sighed. They embraced and kissed passionately and then she pulled back and whacked him on the head with the club. "Did you have to banish the Maytag repairmen for 10,000 years? Seriously? Dude, I live on a mountain of laundry...literally! The washing machine's been broken for the last three years since I sent you out to buy a part to fix it! You never returned."

He smiled gently at here, eyes brimming with tears from the stinging blow she had dealt. "My love, I have the part right here in my doublet. Let's go home and I'll tell you all about it. I'll even sort the colors for you." She met his loving gaze. They picked themselves up off the floor and walked back into the empty bar. "I'll tell you what." she said. "You head on home and get started. I'll get there as soon as I finish my tankard of all..."

And so our Queen and King were reunited after three long years. King Fennel fixed the washing machine and Queen Midolina went on to become a very successful pharmaceutical rep after inventing a magic pill that helped with the symptoms of PMS.

And they lived happily ever after on the diminishing mountain of laundry and poo.

the end.