Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Magic

Christmas Magic

The tree is decorated, presents are wrapped, excitement is in the air.

Tonight, we'll have our traditional Christmas Eve feast, with cold cuts of ham and turkey, cheeses and crackers, hummus, fruit and cookies while we watch "It's a Wonderful Life."

Presents from the grandparents will be opened and squealed over.

Excited boys will struggle to fall asleep before Santa comes.

Tired parents will struggle to stay awake until Santa comes.

I love this day - the anticipation, the eagerness with which simple things are accomplished. The casual ease that follows us throughout. The lack of hustle and bustle that would otherwise steal away the quiet moments of just sitting together, building Legos and listening to Christmas carols on the radio.

My hope is that your Christmas Eve is one of sweet family tradition, full of love and treasured memories.