Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Angel(fishes) We Have Heard on High

Queen Angelfish

Another fish! For Christmas! Can you believe it!?!

Yeah. I don't know.

I think my seasons are completely off.

Lo...they all gathered around the Christmas fish, singing, "Glub glub blub, glub glub blub, glub blub glub bub blub..."

Extra bonus points if you can name that tune...

I may have had too much chocolate today. Dang Advent Calendar.
So. This fish is painted in gouache, and then the scales were added with the gel pen. Finally - GOUACHE! Oh, how I love it. So much nicer, even if does make the paper buckle a bit. Actually, it held up quite well, and the buckles really show up much worse on the scanned image than they do in real life.

Now, we're cooking with gas...

Speaking of gas, we had a little excitement around here today. The gas company came by to do the annual inspection of our gas meter and discovered that gas was leaking into the house. All the pipes inside were fine, but there was gas coming from somewhere.

They dug a ginormous hole in the front of the house and found the leak and patched it and will be sending out a crew to replace the whole works from the street to the house.


So now I'm all paranoid and afraid to light candles and wondering if we're all suffering from gas poisoning and if an explosion looks like it does on The Bourne Ultimatum.

And hey! Did you know it takes five grown men to dig a hole? Yep. It certainly does. And two more to show up and pronounce the hole, "dug."