Tuesday, July 21, 2009



Black and White Warbler

I'm a bit off my game today, I think.  It's already almost 10:30 in the morning, and I'm just now thinking about what I'm going to do today.  Strange.

No reason why.  Just, um, warbling.  Warblewarblewarblewarblewarble.

Must mean it's time to head outside and get some fresh air.  Too much time spent hunched over my painting table can't be a good thing, right?  Sure - paintings get done that way, but headaches form and a little knot right between the shoulder blades pops up and your children forget that you were in the house to begin with.

So.  Yes - there are paintings to be painted, and laundry to be sorted and folded and dishes to wash and math to review, but I think we'll all take a mental health day and go to the park and see what it has to offer, and go to the library and check out some new books and maybe, just maybe, find a place to sit and eat some ice cream before noon so we can ruin our appetites.

Have a fabulously rule-breaking day, my friends!