Monday, July 20, 2009

Drum roll, please...

And the birdie goes to...


Number 23!

Here's how it comments were made, I entered the names into a spreadsheet.  Then, as links were made, I entered those names into the spreadsheet, so the numbers don't match the number of comments.  So who the heck is #23, anyway?

It is steviewren of A Little Birdie Told Me So!  Somehow, that just seems perfect, don't you think?  Actually - I guess if Ann of Blue Bird Hill had won, it would have been a little more perfect and strangely coincidental, no?  In any case, congratulations steviewren!  I hope my little bluebird finds a happy spot in your home!

Speaking of Ann, she said some very nice things about my bird paintings over at her blog, and gave me an award, which I will try to pass along tomorrow, after I've considered what seven things you lovely internet people don't already know about me.  Thank you, Ann - I really appreciate your kind words and the award!

And, just to spread some more love about the blogosphere, I have to marvel at how generous friends can be - even friends that you've never met face-to-face.  Chris Beck and I have never met in person, and yet we've really enjoyed getting to know each other through our blogs and emails and Twitter and Facebook.  I want you all to click over there and see what she's got on her blog.  Go. 

Right now - I'll wait...

How cool is that?  Yeah - I know.  Pretty DANG cool.  Thanks, Chris - you're just awesome. 

Okay - that about sums it up, except to say thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway, I wish I had 43 paintings to give out, because you'd all get one.

But I don't.

I only have one more to give away.  Next Friday.

So come back, okay?