Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is it Tomorrow Yet?

Because I want to give something away!

But not this...

No - this I drew at the park over the weekend while all my boys played basketball. It was much easier to draw the tree than the basketball players. It didn't move as much...

But tomorrow - that's a different story! Tomorrow I'll be giving away one more painting to promote my Etsy shop, which will open one week from tomorrow, on July 31! I've been painting like a crazy woman for the last couple of weeks, to make sure that I have enough stock to fill my cyber-shelves.

SOOOoooo...check back tomorrow for the painting and the entry procedures, which may or may not include writing Haiku.

Painting little birds
Watching them flit to and fro
It makes me happy

Okay...maybe not so much on the Haiku...

See you tomorrow, peeps!