Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bird on a Wire


This is another sketch out of the Paperchase book. I was still experimenting here, with different inks and colors for the background, as well as for the drawing itself. I really like the layout of this one, but I'm not happy with the darker inks in the background design - I like the watermark look much better. I also am not very happy with using the sepia pen for the bird - I think I like the way the black ink plays against the strong colors of the gouache.

For sure, this birdie will be making an appearance in a finished piece - I like his saucy little attitude, balanced precariously on his wire, and his feet are fabulous...

edit: I picked up the Paperchase sketchbook at my local Border's bookstore for cheap. It's made of recycled kraft paper, wirebound, about 5 1/2 x 8 1/2. It looks similar to one of these, but it isn't exactly the same. I can't find it on the Border's website, and you can only order Paperchase online if you live in the UK.

Anyhow - the paper is plain brown, then I stamp it kind of randomly with an assortment of stamps...I like the look of the "watermark" ink best - it's basically clear ink that dries just a shade darker than whatever paper color you're working on.