Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mr. Bluebird's on My Shoulder


I'm the kind of girl that gets really excited when I see a bluebird. Is that normal? Ever since I was a kid, I'd spy one sitting on the fence in the backyard and just get overwhelmed with the thrill of watching those cerulean-wrapped fluff-balls preen.

I guess I was an overly excited kid, because bluebirds are quite common where I live and have lived most of my life.

There's something about them, though. They are common, but they stand out in a crowd of sparrows, now don't they? They don't have to work overly hard or bully less fortunate birds for us to notice them. They just fly around, being themselves - being BLUE - and we love them for it. We love them so much, we build them houses and help them raise their young. We cry when a corn snake finds its way into their house and eats their eggs. (Actually, if you're my mom, you cry and then kill the heck out of that bad, bad corn snake. Bad snake. What can I say - she's Irish.)


This is another of the bird sketches out of my Paperchase recycled kraft paper sketchbook. I actually removed this one from the sketchbook and experimented a little with mounting it on a piece of all media board, using acrylic gel. It actually worked pretty well - flattened out all the buckling in the paper, and even though I've got another one on more refined paper in the works, I'm considering putting this one in the etsy shop when I open. I love other people's sketchbooks, and think they look really cool framed with the unfinished edges showing, so maybe other people do, too!

I'd love to hear your opinion on that...