Monday, July 06, 2009



Oh, my people.

The only problem with going to the beach for a week is leaving. The weather was perfect all week long, the water was as clear as the Caribbean, the waves were strong but not too strong. Simply perfect.

And we capped the whole week off by watching the fireworks at the south end of Hatteras Island, sitting on the beach until the last one fizzled. Glorious.


We're back in Arlington, after an extended EXTENDED trip. Let me re-cap.

On May 17, the boys and I headed south to Knoxville. Since then, I:

  • slept in 6 houses and one hotel room
  • set foot in 7 states
  • drove 3500 miles and had 2 oil changes
  • spent 3 weeks away from Dr. SmartyPants
  • visited my in-laws, my friends, and my parents
  • swam in pools, waded in streams, and almost lost my swimsuit whilst boogie boarding
  • got blonder (thank the lord)
  • visited 2 tattoo shops, but didn't get tattooed
  • ate far too much food
  • threw up for an entire day
  • took thousands (really...I'll count later) of pictures

It's been a whirlwind, and I'm tired, but feeling so incredibly blessed to have such a fantastic husband and family and opportunity to travel and see the country. We're staying put for a day or two - to catch our breath and do some laundry and go to the park and hang out. Then we'll be back on the road for a couple of days over the weekend.

If I just had a band and a bus and thousands of screaming fans, I'd be a rock star...