Saturday, November 01, 2008

November Dawning

Well - here we go! Off on the NaBloPoMo-NaNoWriMo CRAZINESS.

It's funny. Last year, I had a nice list of all the photos I was going to post, along with a thought or two that I could develop into a nice long post, all written down on a legal pad, organized down to the day. (There's that pesky OCD again.) I had a separate legal pad with all my novel stuff in it - character names, dates of events, etc.

This year - not so much. I have a notebook, of course, to keep track of the novel stuff, but I've not given any thought to the daily blog post, yet. I have some pictures set aside, but they are not organized and I haven't given any thought to what I would write in relation to those pictures. It's a bit more of an organic process this year.

The reason? It's because I've overcome all of my control issues, of course! I'm free! I'm FREE!

Ahem. Excuse my big fat lying mouth. Just wishful thinking, I guess.

The real reason probably has more to do with changing to full-time homeschooling and all the planning and time that needs. November has just kind of jumped out of the dark and scared the crap out of me. BOO! So - I'll go with the flow.

I started my book. I'm up to almost 700 1700 words after just a couple of often-interrupted hours. I'm posting my first post and there is a photo to go with it. I'll probably have a little time today before my parents get here to plan a day or two in advance and maybe I'll even start my next knitting project. I find that knitting makes my brain come up with all sorts of wonderful ideas - it quiets all the controlling ugly parts that tell me I'll never get it all done.

So - welcome to my November.

And please excuse the mess...