Saturday, November 29, 2008


Oscar Snout

Do you know how hard it was to find a place to live where we could bring this gray-beard?


But worth it.

We're back in Tennesse right now and the full magnitude of this upcoming move is starting to sink in. I'm making lists and planning and budgeting and panicking and obsessing. It's typical of my life that all major changes must be closely related to Christmas. Not sure why.

I got married 2 weeks after Christmas.

I had my first child 2 days before Christmas.

We sold our second house and had to move out 10 days before Christmas.

Now, we're moving on New Years' Day, a mere week after Christmas.

Because the holidays are not enough to stress a body, you know.

However - we'll make it. We always do. We'll put up our tree tomorrow and hang some lights, although less than I normally do, given how quickly after Christmas we'll be taking it all down. Our Christmas shopping is done already, with the exception of a little candy to fill out the stockings. We'll manage one more camping trip right before Christmas for Doodlebug's birthday.

And then we'll be off on the next great adventure.

I sure hope you'll all come along.