Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Woman Who Posts Here is Loony

Market Square, Knoxville, TN

I was downtown in Market Square last month and happened to look up and see this sign in one of the apartments.  It made me wonder.  Does the man who lives there KNOW this is in his window?  Did he put it there himself, or was it placed there by some friends who were giving him a hard time? 

Is it meant to ward off home invasions?

My favorite part about it is that whoever painted it ran out of room on the last word and just decided to go with the half "Y".  If that wasn't an "ah, what the hell" moment, I don't know what is.

Anyhow, I'm feeling a bit loony, too.  Let's just count what I have going on this month, shall we?  Bear in mind, please that the majority of what I'm talking about is self-induced.

  1. NaBloPoMo - a post a day, in my case featuring photography and a little writing.  Not too bad - I've got kajillions of photographs and I spend the majority of my days with children whose main method of communication involves gun and car noises, so I have a lot of grown up words to get out every day.
  2. NaNoWriMo - a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.  Okay - a little more pressure.  Again - all those grown up words help a lot, as does my need to curse occasionally, so my main character has a bit of a potty mouth.  I'm finding that to be quite therapeutic.
  3. Travel - Washington, DC this weekend, Alabama at the end of the month for Thanksgiving, and we're thinking about going to Asheville next weekend to see the Christmas lights at the Biltmore estate.  We also had my folks in over this past weekend to see the boys' recital.
  4. Homeschooling - Yep, it doesn't stop just because I'm over-extended.  Multiplication tables, anyone?  Hey - when was the last time you diagrammed a sentence?  Lucky for them, I excelled at sentence diagramming when I was in school.  I just adore prepositional phrases.
  5. Knitting up some Christmas gifts - yep.  It's true.  I'm just that stupid.
  6. Planning for the big thing that's coming up that I'm not talking about yet for fear that I will completely jinx it but that is just killing me to not talk about.  DANG.  And no, I repeat, I am not pregnant.  Because I would be talking about that.  In between tears and shots of tequila.  Just kidding.  Kind of.
  7. Cleaning out the pigsty that is currently my sons' room.  Lord.
  8. All the usual stuff that women do on a daily basis.  I mean, come on.  Are we the most overworked people in the world, or what?  Where's my union rep?


Anyhow - I'm not complaining about any of this.  I'm actually loving it - that's what makes me loony, I suppose.  It is always amazing to me how much I can pack into a day and manage to accomplish.  It always seems that the more I have to do, the better I function.

It helps to ward off The Darkness.