Saturday, November 15, 2008



They're growing so fast.  Maturing before my very eyes.  I'm so proud of them, but there's this little Mama part of me that wants them to slow down a little and stop it already.

At supper the other night, Doodlebug broached a subject with such maturity and compassion it melted me a little.  It wasn't anything earth shaking - he and Junebug had just been talking about their bedroom decor and wanted to see if they could do something different.  It's been a "Cars" room for about two years - since they were 5 and 7, you know.  No biggie, right?  Here's what got me.  He started the whole conversation by telling me how much they have loved their room, and how the paint on the walls is really cool and they don't want to change that AT ALL - maybe just get some new comforters and could they be Star Wars, please.  At this point, Junebug joined in with his ideas as well - maybe it could be Indiana Jones?

And can we keep Nana's Lightning McQueen wall hanging that she made for us, but maybe hang it in another room.  But keep it.

You see - I worked really hard on getting that room ready for them.  I taped off grids on the walls and painted two different shades of blue with the occasional red square - it's really a cool modern paint job.  And they wanted to make sure that I understood that they liked and APPRECIATED it.  They didn't want to hurt my feelings by suggesting that they change their room.  They didn't want to hurt Nana's feelings by not having their wall hanging in their room.

I was just so proud to see them thinking of someone other than themselves - a hard thing for little kids to do.  I was so proud to think that they had talked it over with each other and had chosen a spokesman for the issue.  I was so proud to think that the spokesman sat down at the dinner table with a clear agenda and a purpose and clearly defined points.  I was so proud that he began with the positives - with affirmations and gratitude - before he proposed a change.  I was so proud that he then gave his little brother a voice and let him propose something different than he had proposed.

We discussed it - with ideas and brainstorming for the rest of our dinner, and after Christmas we'll implement those changes.

But they'll still be my babies, right?