Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I've been hinting at something on the horizon that was exciting and new and exciting and not a baby. I've finally been released to reveal what it is...

Townhouse in Arlington

We're moving.

Kind of.

Dr. SmartyPants is being assigned to a temporary position in Washington, DC, and the boys and I are packing up Ottwork Academy and hitting the road. We're maintaining our current residence, because his posting IS temporary, and we'll be back and forth a lot, mainly because I can't bear to give up my orthodontist.

We found this cute little townhouse in Arlington, just a couple of blocks away from a Metro station, so we'll be super duper mobile and taking some really SWEET field trips. This homeschooling mama is way excited about the possibilities that are set before us. It's also near a park and a library and pretty much anything we could possibly ever need, so our carbon footprint will be much reduced. And our activity level will be much increased. YAY.

January 1 is the official move date, so our December will be chock full of fun and boxes. 2009 will start with a new home, a new job, a new city and a new decade of marriage.

Should be interesting