Monday, June 28, 2010

I am a Delicate Flower

Delicate Flower


I never should have mentioned that I was training for a 5K.

Because Murphy and his stupid Law hate me.

I mean, honestly. We increased the time spent running this week - that's what you do when you're training - you's kind of the point. If you do the same thing all the time, your body is quite content to stay right there and never progress beyond that point. So, I expected some soreness, because that's what happens when you increase what you are doing...your muscles get sore.

So...they were sore when I posted about it on Thursday. So sore that I actually took Friday off from running to give them an extra day of recovery - and we ran on Saturday morning, instead, which SEEMED fine.

Until Saturday night, when my ankles started screaming obscenities at me. So, I called Dr. Linda and she said to ice them and take ibuprofen and try an epsom salt soak, which I did on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

But on Sunday evening, my right ankle swelled up to the middle of my shin and it hurt to touch the inside ankle bone and climbing and descending stairs started to become ridiculously hard and (the burning! the burning) I cried a little and called Dr. Linda back and she said to get to an orthopedist ASAP, just to make sure nothing was torn.

So I did.

And nothing is torn, thank goodness.

But I've got strained tendons and ligaments and a no-running-for-a-minimum-of-three-weeks order.

I can, and am encouraged to, walk, though - so I'll be getting my 30 minutes in at the track while the boys maybe I won't be too far behind. I built in a little cushion to my schedule just in case something happened.

Because I am a delicate flower.