Wednesday, June 09, 2010

On the Kindness of Strangers

Ready for World Cup

We've got World Cup fever all up in heah. Games start Friday, but in my guys' hearts, they're already playing. It's made even more sweet by their soccer team's first victory on Sunday.'s been a long season.

Anyhow - we celebrated the win by letting the boys pick out new soccer balls - they, of course, picked World Cup replica balls. Thankfully, they were on sale.

Except for the one that cost $150.

So we didn't buy that one.

They've picked their teams on their own - Derek's rooting for Mexico, Joshua for Brazil, Dr. SmartyPants for Italy. I'm rooting for the USA. Because I feel guilty if I don't. Even though I know they won't win. I'm an American, dang it.

So, anyway - for the last couple of days, we've spent as much time as we could reasonably afford playing soccer in the park. And Monday, one of those rare, random, happy events occurred that leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy about my fellow human beings.

If you've read here long know that's rare, indeed. Me liking humans, that is.

The guys were kicking their new balls into the soccer net frame, when a complete stranger on his lunch break happened by. The ball headed right toward him. He had his hands full with his brown paper bag lunch and newspaper, so he did what anyone would do. He dropped his lunch and paper.

And started playing soccer with my kids.


He played goalie for at least 20 minutes, while the boys did their very best Beckham impressions.

And when I say he played with them, I don't mean in a kind of half-interested way. He was fully committed...


You can even see his lunch over there on the side of the soccer goal.

My kids were fully elated...


So thanks, Mr. Soccer man. Way to brighten up a gorgeous day even further...