Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Great Big Bundle of Potentiality

Blueberry Morning_2

Do you ever feel like just anything could happen? Like you're sitting on a see-saw on top of pile of possibilities, and no matter which direction you go, something new and different and scary and exciting is waiting right there?

I'm feeling like that today. I'm a little jittery and on edge and maybe just a bit irritable with it.

Sorry, kiddos.

I don't have any idea WHY I feel that way. That's the weird thing. I just keep looking out the window for a sign, but it's raining and kind of hard to see anything, let alone a sign. I am looking for promise and possibility and opportunity everywhere I go.

But mainly I just see dirty laundry and dishes and dolls action figures piled on the floor. And dog hair. And ewwww...what IS that?


I will be drawing today. I'll forget the laundry. I'll use paper plates. I'll sweep the dolls action figures under the rug. There's a painting in me, trying to get out - that's what that feeling is, I'm sure of it.


I could just take a nap.