Friday, June 11, 2010

SoFoBoMo. Yeah. That is What I Said.

41 Reasons

Because I am a joiner. Because I love a project. Because I have a new camera...

I'm participating in Solo Photo Book Month, or SoFoBoMo. What is SoFoBoMo, you ask? Well - it's a dash to create a complete Solo Photo Book within a 31 day period, containing a minimum of 35 photographs. This isn't just taking 35 pictures in 31 days - it's actually compiling them into a book that could, ostensibly, be sold at the end of the project.

Linda told me about it, and I think she's going to participate as least I hope so.

So - for my project, I'll be shooting 41 photos (overachieving nerd syndrome...I know.) I'm 41 years old - I'll be 42 in August, so I thought that finding 41 reasons to celebrate life would be a great way to countdown to 42, and to remember all the wonderful things that having another year on this planet's a celebration of the myriad ways our lives are enriched every day, and how when viewed through the proper lens, ordinary things become extraordinary.

I hope you'll join me on the journey - I'll be posting daily at my project blog, and would love to see you there, cheering me on.

After all - what fun is a journey without friends?

♥ Diahn