Thursday, June 24, 2010

Red, White and Blue


Good morning, people! We're still living on the buzz generated by that USA-Algeria World Cup game yesterday. We may have done a wee bit of screaming and jumping up and down and chanting USA! USA! there in the 91st minute of play.

And by we, I mean me. The boys were excited, too.

I mentioned on Tuesday that I had 95 days until my first 5K in over a decade. Dr. SmartyPants and I have been working through the couch-to-5K program for the past three weeks, and so good. We used to run back before we had children and real jobs and all the other things that seem to creep in between you and exercise.

In the year before I met Dr. SmartyPants, I would wake up around four in the morning, three days a week to work out with the rowing club - either at the gym or on the water. Then, I would go to classes at the university for most of the day, before heading back to the gym to teach an aerobics class. On the other two days of the work week, I'd teach water aerobics classes in the morning and run with the rowing club in the afternoon.

And I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day...which, in smoker-speak, translates to a pack and a half or two.

I weighed three pounds.

Now? I go running three times a week for thirty minutes. I don't smoke. I'm more tired.

And I weigh considerably more than three pounds.


I'm a lot nicer than I was back then...