Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Camera Love


For the past four years, I've had an Olympus E-500 digital SLR camera. Before that, I had a point and shoot Olympus that took really nice photos, and that's what prompted me to go for the Olympus DSLR, but while Olympus excels at the point and shoot game, I have never been satisfied with the E-500. I always felt like I was always wrestling with the camera to get a good image. I even tried renting a lens last summer (a very expensive quality lens) to see if it would help me create what I wanted to create with the camera, but I was still disappointed.

So, for the last year I've been researching and reading and lurking about camera forums and dreaming and sighing and generally being annoying to my family by complaining every time I took a picture. I thought I wanted a Nikon D90, and I talked about it so much that even my children walked around talking about the D90, as if it were the holy grail.

But then Canon released the T2i. Canon! My film SLR is a late 1990s Canon Rebel. Dr. SmartyPants has an old Canon AE-1. I love Canon. And so.

I have my new Canon. And so far, I adore it. It captures light so much more easily than the Olympus ever did, even with the kit lens, and the photo I've posted shows that (at least to me) better than anything else. You see - Derek has these amazing green eyes, flecked with amber, but my Olympus always made it seem as if he had brown eyes, and muddy brown eyes, at that.

Now, there's nothing wrong with brown eyes. Dr. SmartyPants has brown eyes. But his brown eyes are rich, deep, chocolate eyes that make my knees go a bit wobbly and my face get a bit flushed. That's not the brown that I'm talking about. Derek's eyes always came out looking like a little mud puddle on the side of a soccer field.

But this camera...this camera give us this...

Green. Flecked with amber. Dancing with light.

Thank you, Canon. Thank you for showing off my boy's gorgeous eyes. I love you.