Friday, January 28, 2011

There's a Reason I Need a Getaway

Jasper has a new trick. He figured it out by watching us open the door, so now he just lets himself in.

That sounds like a great thing - saves me a trip to the door, right? Sure, except I still have to close it.

And then clean up all the mud from the door, the floor, the kitchen cabinets, or wherever else his little (gigantic) paws have marched.

He's a digger, he is.

In the last week, I've given him three baths, cleaned his and Raikki's paws countless times, mopped up little "accidents," replaced the water bowl that he's picked up and carried all over the kitchen (with the water still in it,) picked up the mulch that he's brought in to chew on, wiped a ton of mud off his nose, and many other things I'm too tired to recount.

Then, there are those pesky children to deal with. They came in last night with unrecognizable shoes...completely coated in a layer of mud an inch thick. Their pants and jackets were caked with it, as well. My washing machine was in overdrive.


But there's a light on the week from today! I'll be landing in Memphis! Meeting up with Melinda! Pretending there's no such thing as mud!

Which means we'll probably skip Mud Island.

Now...I'm off to stock up on paper towels and dog shampoo for the next few days. I have a feeling I'm going to need it.