Monday, January 03, 2011

It's a Whole New Year, Baby.

Jasper Direct Gaze BW

Whoa. This Monday got away from me before I realized it had started. We started back to school today, and after two weeks off, I was glad of it.

I'm sick of TV. Of Cartoon Network, in particular. If I hear the theme song to Hot Wheels...Battle Force Five again, I may scream.

Great. Now it's stuck in my head. Hot Wheels...Battle Force Five...somethingsomething...To SURVIVE...

Jasper is 13 weeks old today, and has been with us two whole weeks. He's getting closer to understanding WHERE TO GO when he has to go, but it's an uphill battle.

And I've been downhill the entire time.

New Year's Day was just not great for me, people, and I'm hoping it isn't going to set the tone for the year or anything. The 5K was a wash (for us...some people ran it...), I barely had enough paint to finish my bedroom, Joshua dropped an entire gallon of milk in the garage and Ron picked up the stomach bug that's been going around, and I didn't get to go meet with Linda for our annual goal-setting-fun-having-rollicking-good-time-making New Year's Day meet up.

But at least I didn't blow up my car.

Speaking of Linda...she has an amazing project in the works that I'm so totally excited about, and eager to help out with whenever I get the chance...if she'll let should go check it out, add it to your blogroll and follow along. You just might learn something.

I'm three days into my portrait project and haven't missed a day yet, although Dr. SmartyPants didn't get his picture made when he was sick yesterday, so there's that. But...I thought it would be kind of tacky to make him get out of bed and show the whole world how he looks when he doesn't feel too super-swell...I was extra excited to take pics today, because we were all awake and dressed before eight, which took the Nick Nolte/Lindsay Lohan vibe out of the photos, if you know what I'm sayin...

Peace, people. Stay out of jail, 'kay?