Friday, January 07, 2011

Oh, Life. Is Bigger.

I woke up with R.E.M. in my head - Losing My Religion, in particular. I don't know why. I haven't heard it recently. I haven't even thought about R.E.M. in an age, and yet.

There it is.

So in honor of that bit of randomness, let's have a list of random thoughts by me, okey dokey?

Derek' Faves

My children are obsessed with three things...this is one of them. Hot Wheels. They currently have 2.5 million little cars, randomly scattered around my house. They know each and every one of them and know when one is missing. If we go to the store and they see Hot Wheels, they have to go look, and they peruse their mental inventory to see if they have that particular model and THEY ALWAYS KNOW.  Occasionally, I'll bring one home to them and it is invariably one that they always have.

Of course, I can't even remember my children's names most of the time, so this is probably not as amazing a skill as I think it is.

The other two things my children are obsessed with are Legos and stuffed animals. They are also randomly scattered around my house - left for me to trip over on my way to take the puppy out in the middle of the night. I would like a very large dumpster to be delivered to my house so that I could throw them all away and just start over.

My Kitchen

We've officially declared January to be "Restaurant-Free January," and have pledged to not set foot in a restaurant during the entire month of January. This is very difficult for me, as I'm very good as setting foot in restaurants, especially when I forget to get dinner ready. It's going to take a fair bit of planning and self-control, neither of which I'm terribly adept at.

Dr. SmartyPants doesn't actually have to comply with this pledge, as he travels frequently for work, and it's very hard to pack a week's worth of breakfast, lunch and dinner with the extra baggage handling fees these days.


Daily Puppy Fix

This dog pees 75 times a day. Most of them outside. I'm not even kidding. I got up at 5:20 this morning to take him out, and in the next hour, I took him out an additional six times.

Please remind me of this, the next time I say I want a puppy.


In 27 days I'll be taking a little trip I'm completely excited about. I know someone else who is excited, too.

Have a great weekend, everyone!