Friday, January 14, 2011

The Friday I Finished

Sketchbook Project Moulin Rouge

I mailed in my Sketchbook Project today. It was hard to let it go. I've become kind of attached to some of the drawings in there, like Spock Frog and this one - Moulin Rouge Elephant. I had to make him hang from the ceiling - it seemed more "Spectacular Spectacular," somehow.

It will get scanned into the collection, and when it's online, I'll give you a link, so you can all go flip through it. Of course, if the tour comes to a city near you, you can go flip through the actual thing.

That's so cool...

This was the first thing on my list of goals for 2011, and I'm ecstatic that I got it done on time. I was a little worried there, for a bit - life had gotten crazy, as it does at the end of a year, and I was afraid that after all that build-up, I was going to crash and burn. But I didn't. I pushed through and in the end, while it changed a bit, it's a completed work.


In other news...

I left my house yesterday, for the first time since Saturday. Holy lord. It was just to run to pick up dog food and people food, but it was like being let out of prison. I'm not going to talk about what was keeping me inside, because I don't want to be that blogger that complains about the s-n-o-w all the time, but I'm still moving to Ecuador, people. This winter thing is just stupid.

Today is sunny and warmER than it has been. (It's not warm...just warmER.) I'm considering putting on all my clothes and standing outside and meditating for like 6 hours, rather than starting on the next item on my goal list for the year, but that wouldn't be too productive, I suppose. Those remaining boxes aren't going to unpack themselves, after all. Although...

I saw recently that a large, nationwide garbage disposal company has these big garbage bag things they'll deliver to your house, for a fee, and then come and pick up and take away, and hey - wouldn't that be easier than unpacking the boxes? Why yes...yes it would!

And ALSO - it's day 14 of No-Restaurant-January, and I'm getting a little antsy. It hasn't been all that hard to do, exactly, but when you eat nothing but your own cooking for an extended period of time, it just seems like everything starts to taste the same. It kind of all tastes like ham.

But that could be because I got a ginormous ham on sale at the grocery and have been using it in every single dish I've cooked for the last week.

I need a fabulous Mexican food specialist to come to my house and make me a beef chimichanga and some cheese sauce.

With a side of ham.

Have a great, great weekend, people...