Friday, January 21, 2011

Hello, Friday. Where Have You Been All My Life?


We got out and about early this morning, getting our banking and grocery shopping done before we normally start school. (We don't do formal school on Friday - we save it for science experiments and field trips and what I like to call life "How to do Your Own Laundry.")

I've been thinking how pleasant life has been this month, in the quiet of winter - after holidays and before sports and other distractions begin again. We've stayed home more than usual, and it's been really relaxing and wonderful. It makes me want to never get back involved in all those "extra" activities we stuff our lives with - the things that make dinners rushed and bedtimes late and mornings crabby, but without those extras, we'd be less well rounded and far too insulated from society and would end up wearing nothing but Pajama Jeans and Forever Lazies.

So, we're looking for a piano teacher, and investigating martial arts academies for one and soccer academies for the other and attempting to plan our time between the two schedules which will inevitably need to happen at the exact same time. Gone are the days when I tell them what sports they'll be doing, and by the way, make it on the same team, please.


But I'm not complaining. I'm just going to be very mindful to enjoy the next ten days or so of sweet quiet January evenings by the fire -- telling stories and reading books and cuddling with the pups and loving each other. I may never see them all together again the rest of the year, but for now...

They're all right where I want them.