Monday, January 31, 2011

Curled Up


Because I am, apparently, the world's most susceptible person, I've had strep throat all weekend.

My children rarely get it, but I, on the other hand, am a streptococcus magnet. To my knowledge, I haven't been around anyone who has had it. I haven't been kissing random strangers in the streets. I haven't licked any grocery store buggy handles.

And yet, Friday night, when the little sore spot started irritating me on the left side of my throat, I knew exactly what it was. I spent Saturday in the bed, hoping and praying it would just get better and go away, but when I woke up at 5 AM with 101 degree fever, I knew exactly what it was. Even when I went to the neighborhood clinic to see the nurse practitioner, and he told me it was probably just a virus, because my throat didn't look all that irritated, I knew exactly what it was.

It sucks, being right all the time.

So, I'm on penicillin and trying to sit upright most of the time, because for some reason, it takes me 17 years to get over a dose of strep. When my kids DO get it, they take one pill and are magically healed and start bouncing off the walls, but not me. It takes a couple of days, usually. But I have to get better and soon!

On Friday, I head to Memphis, and I have much outfit planning to do before then. And packing. And unpacking. And repacking. And re-planning. And all that giddy excitement tends to be tiring.

I think I'll go take a nap, now...