Tuesday, January 25, 2011

eight am

the eyes

I had planned to keep my 365 project over on tumblr, but I've been finding the site down more often than I'd like, and feeds not getting through, and many many complaints from long-time users, so I decided to come back to old, reliable Blogger. So - if you've been following along on tumblr, please turn your direction to instead. Plus, you can follow there, and comment and say nice or not nice things about our daily family long as they are nice things.

Okay? Thanks.

I haven't taken any other pictures today to show you. And the reason is very simple.

I'm in full on procrastination-mode, people. I emptied my cluttered up studio - to the floor and walls - and all the junk that was in there is currently residing in my family room. It included everything that was already in there (art supplies, school supplies, office supplies) PLUS everything that ended up in there when we moved back from Arlington. I'm so overwhelmed I don't even know how to start working on it, but I have to, because I supposedly have a deadline of January 31 to have it done. That deadline comes from my goal setting pow-wow with Linda, and it's fast approaching.

So, I'm here to admit to you a problem I have.

I'm addicted to art supplies, school supplies, office supplies and paper.

And books.

I'm excellent at throwing away other things - clothes, shoes, dishes, knick-knacks, old spatulas and spoons. I was reading a blog the other day that challenged people to cut their wardrobe down to 33 items for 33 days just to see how little you could really live with, and I realized that I'd have to go shopping and buy some more things to reach 33 items.

But paper and pens and paint and folders and notebooks and books (oh, the books)...



I have a vision for my studio, though, and it involves absolutely no clutter. None. It involves open space and white walls and lots of light and one (ONE) bookshelf with books and supplies and that's all. And I'm going to get there. I'm going to get there. I'm going to get there.

And I'm going to start.