Monday, November 30, 2009

Seems a Bit Fishy to Me

Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)

So. It's the last day of November (Happy 47th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!)

Thanksgiving is over. I ate too much. Of everything.

NaNoWrimo ends at midnight. I wrote too little. Which I'll be writing about later.

Ahh. The irony.

After waking at 3 am yesterday, we drove many miles for many hours and arrived back in Arlington, where I've devoted my entire day to doing as little as possible. I did manage to clean a bathroom (50% success rate there...both needed cleaning), straighten the school room (although school consisted of a Mathtacular marathon and some, ahem, "home economics"), and send off my guest post to IndieFixx for the week (great website...please go and read all the posts, not just mine).

I also finished a painting I started last night. This is not it. This is one I did in Knoxville, while watching TV or something. I didn't have any of my regular art supplies out and I was just planning to play, but this dolphin popped out so I went with it. I used my boys' Crayola markers to color it in, then added the white gel pen scales over the top.

Then I fell in love with it and adopted it and named it Henry and wept over the fact that I used such fugitive colors. Actually, I don't know the lightfastness rating on Crayola markers. I should check into that. Maybe they'll be just fine.

Poor Henry.

And because every fish needs a school, I set to work making Henry some classmates, but they are better and fancier than Henry because I used artist grade supplies on them, but Henry doesn't mind. He's just happy to have company.

They'll be popping by all week, then flopping into the shop to get adopted by other fishy people.

I'll also resume my interviewing activities on Thursday, and Blind Contour Friday will be back on, hmm, Friday.

Now I have to go and snuggle up with my pint-sized pooch and take a little nap before supper. Gosh, I miss Daylight Savings Time...