Saturday, November 14, 2009

What City is This, Anyway?

Oh, my people. We had a great trip, but I'm completely befuddled. I'm pretty sure I'm in Knoxville, because I don't have an internet connection at the place where I slept last night, and I had to make up my own bed.

Okay - that's not true.

Dr. SmartyPants made up the bed.

In the past six days, I've touched five cities and six airplanes and six cabs and get the picture.

All I do know is that our family is back together and muddling through as best we can.

Now...on with the glamour shots...
Hotel Mirror Portrait. With iPhone

We got dressed and ready to go, and had to do a little portrait in the hotel room mirror...

Awesome Shoes.  Awesome.

And a shoe shot, because, oh my word, I love these shoes. Really. After my toes went numb, they were completely comfortable. I even got a pedicure JUST FOR THESE SHOES.

iPhone Selfie

Look! It's the dress WITH the shoes. I'm totally planning all my outfits around these shoes from now on.

R&D 100 Cocktail Reception

We did finally leave the room and someone else took our picture, although he didn't seem to understand that the shoes needed to be in the picture. But I forgive him.

Really. I do.

Because regardless of how much I loved my shoes, this is what it was really all about...

R&D 100 Awards

Look at my sweet man up there, holding the plaque.

My patent-holding, innovative idea-making, moving-and-shaking, at-home bed-making sweet man.

Congratulations, my love. No one ever deserved it more.

(And you look really hot in a tuxedo...)