Wednesday, November 04, 2009


I'm trying out a new commenting platform, and would love your feedback on it...

You should be able to leave a comment using your blogger, facebook or twitter id. I'm trying it mainly because I like the idea of threaded comments, and blogger doesn't have those...

Is it a pain in the arse?

Does it work just fine?

Comment, and let me know!

****EDIT: Let me know in the comment section if you are able to comment by using your facebook or twitter id, or blogger/OpenID without registering with Disqus...if you CAN'T and don't want to register with Disqus, please send me an email, instead, and let me know that...I'm still trying to find out if this is easier or harder...there are other options, too - THANKS!!*****

It's very possible that this is just another way to is November, after all...

True Love

Oh, look! Shiny green boots!