Saturday, November 07, 2009

Shadow Shot Sidewalk

While I'm technically posting this on Saturday, it is Sunday in Australia, where the project originates, and therefore it is still a Shadow Shot Sunday post...

Shadow Shot Sidewalk

The boys and I are heading south tomorrow, so I had to go ahead and get this posted. We will be traveling the entire month of November, it seems (I keep writing that as "Novembeer." I wonder if I'm trying to send a subliminal message to myself...)

Anyhow - Dr. SmartyPants and I are off for a few days of alone time - first we've had since...uhm...well...summer of 2008? Something like that. We'll be making our way to Orlando for his big black tie banquet award smarty pants thing there, which means I'll be setting aside my usual yoga pants, t-shirt and bare feet for an evening gown and (freakin awesome) high heels. I'll be sure to document the occasion with an overabundance of photographs.

Because that just doesn't happen every day.

We'll hang in Knoxville the next week, then we'll be off to Alabama for all the Thanksgiving festivities. I cannot even believe that it is time to write that sentence.

Thanksgiving, people.

That's just around the corner from Christmas.