Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Readers are the Prettiest

Thank you all for your sweet words and sympathies. I appreciate them more than you can ever know. The reality of losing our sweet Oscar hasn't fully sunk in yet, I think.

It's likely because two hours after we had make that awful decision, we got on a plane and left town, so we haven't had to live in our house without him. I have a feeling it will hit us hard on Friday.


My parents are with the boys, which has been just the medicine they needed. Papa Ray is full of surprises and silliness and distractions, while Nana has lots of hugs and encouragement to give out. Plus...she's an awesome substitute teacher. (thanks mom)

If we were at home, we'd probably all be crying our eyes out and eating ice cream right out of the carton...Instead, Dr. SmartyPants and I are on the second leg of our journey, in Orlando. The big black-tie event is tomorrow night.

I'll be sure to post photos of us all in our finery as soon as we get all prettied up...

Much love...