Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Bokeh, Baby...

Pine and Bokeh

I've become crazily enamored with bokeh, lately - I love trying to see just how sharp I can get the foreground, while pushing the effect in the background - this photo really shows it off, I think, with the sharp pine needles in the foreground juxtaposed against the yellow leaves behind it.

I'd love to have some deep, philosophical comparison to go along with it, but I'd just be trying too hard, and I'm feeling decidedly lazy lately. I think it's the time-change. I wanted to go to bed an hour ago.

So - hey - I know - why don't all you lovely readers leave me some cool comments about what bokeh says to you. I know there's something deep there...some completely Zen thing that is embedded in the photo.

I need me some Zen, people.