Monday, August 10, 2009

Watch Out, Little Birds...


There's a new sheriff in town.

Merle is an osprey...bigger, stronger and faster than all those other little guys, and a bit of a threat. (SOLD)

Just trying to keep it interesting over at the shop...can't have the fellas getting complacent...


Random thoughts:

  1. I've been wanting to use the word "debacle" in my blog, but I haven't come up with a good story in which to use it, so I just used it in this bullet point. just felt like it should be capitalized.
  2. It's 10 days into August and I still have my July banner up. I'm trying to decide if I should just wait and start working on my September banner, or go ahead and design an August one. I'm stumped. It's a debacle. DEBACLE. Debacle averted.
  3. I have realized that when I iron, I think in Twitter bursts. I wish I could hardwire my brain into my iPhone's Twitterific app, 'cause DANG, I'd be funny.
  4. Summer walked right up to the Washington Monument and smacked it on its pointy head today.
  5. I love JONAS.
  6. Farkle. I'm just sayin'.