Friday, August 14, 2009

Thirsty Fun

Back in 2006, Linda and I went on a sketchcrawl of Knoxville, and we both drew a little run down place called "Toddy's". The sign in front of the building proclaimed it to be "Knoxville's Fun Place to be Thirsty," which struck me as rather odd. I mean - if you're thirsty IN the bar, doesn't that mean that your bartender isn't doing his/her job? Maybe it means that even though the service is really bad, you'll still have a good time?

I don't know. I never actually went inside.

I drove past there about a month ago and saw that it is no longer called Toddy's. Another bar has taken its place, although they hung onto the tagline, strangely enough.


So I thought it needed be immortalized as it used to be. The Toddy's that Knoxvillians knew and thirsted over - the best place in town to not get a drink.

It's newly listed in my Etsy shop - feel free to purchase it to hang in a really dry part of your house... SOLD