Friday, August 28, 2009

On a Hill

1415 Clinch Avenue

This house sits high on a hill, overlooking the river in Knoxville. The owners rarely come out, but when they do, it's always alarming. The man has wild, white hair and a canny gleam in his eye. His wife is small and sharp, like the edge of a table. The grow a garden of heirloom herbs and are said to cast spells around the town on moonlit nights.

Okay. Not really.

It's really a kind of dilapidated house with a ubiquitous FOR RENT sign hanging on the front porch and a couple of old beer kegs lying forlornly on the front porch - near enough the university to make it a popular place to live while going to vet school.

But that's just not what I see when I look at it. I see the next great NaNoWriMo novel...

November is still a couple of months away.

But it is looming, my people. Looming...

Clinch Avenue Lady is in the shop. Feel free to purchase to fuel your own novel writing adventures!