Monday, August 24, 2009

Ocean City

Happy Monday, everyone. I hope you had as wonderful a weekend as we did. We headed east as far as we could go without dropping off the continental shelf, and perched our weary bodies upon the Ocean City, Maryland, beach.

The waves were spectacular, thanks to the brewing of Hurricane Bill, out in the deeps. The lifeguards weren't allowing anyone in at all on Saturday. With the 10 to 15 foot waves and the seriously strong undertow, I don't blame them. It was almost enough to pull us off our feet just standing in the swash zone, and in fact we did see that happen to an unsuspecting lady. Total face plant.

On Sunday, they allowed people in, but were constantly whistling and waving at people venturing too close to dangerous areas. We watched as one lifeguard swam out and rescued a girl who had gotten too far out and had underestimated the pull of the currents, and her ability to swim against them. He had to work extremely hard to get her back to shore. Heroically, even.

The boardwalk was active and lively and colorful and loud. We wandered aimlessly toward the arcades and rides - enjoying the ocean breezes and the completely different flavor this beach has than what we are used to...

For my readers who are familiar with the Great Smoky Mountains of East was strangely reminiscent of Gatlinburg, except without all the bears.

We ate Boardwalk Fries and had ice cream for lunch.

We saw the most #1 famous world famous only gallery like it in the world gallery. Ahem.

We gulped it all in and savored it, as the light faded to spun gold, storing it up in our treasure box memories until summer comes our way again...