Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lil' Abner and the Randomness of Tuesday


We had a gorgeous, hot day here in the DC area, and so we had no choice but to spend it basking like lizards on a rock, only without the rock and with a swimming pool in which to cool ourselves. This was the first day we've gone that the pool wasn't overtaken with day camp kids - not sure where they were, but I can't say we missed the extra crowds.


It's also the first day since July 31 that I haven't spent most of my waking moments endlessly obsessing over whether or not I was promoting my shop enough - twittering and chatting online with hot babes all day, except without the hot babes.

Or, I guess they could be hot babes.


In any case - I spent the day reading and soaking in the sun and watching two little water bugs learn all about buoyancy and how that means that little bugs can lift big bugs and "throw" them in the water.

Gosh, I love homeschooling.


I did do one bit of work by listing Abner in the shop. I painted him last night while watching Soylent Green - perhaps the finest bit of work in which Charlton Heston ever had the opportunity to star.


It's people.

Spread the word.